Hit the Lights

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all having a great time, unlike me who currently has absolutely no motivation to get out of bed each morning. Why? Well, apparently, my life has taken an oath to make everything go wrong for me, be it school, home, friends – you name it. And yet I move on, pretending like nothing’s wrong and wear the smile that everyone who knows me is so accustomed to seeing, whether I want to or not.

But I’m so happy and proud of myself that I’m at least able to put up a fake smile, that I haven’t given up yet, that I still have hope although it seems like there’s no reason why I should think that way. Because when I actually look closer, I have millions of reasons to be happy. How many of you have read the Harry Potter series? Does this sound familiar to you?

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

As cliché as it sounds, it holds so much meaning that one can understand only if they really want to. And yes, in the midst of my life being a total mayhem, I’m trying to grasp the full meaning of that quote.

What does it essentially mean? People will say things like, “Happiness is everywhere, you just have to look for it” or “Happiness can be found even in the smallest of things”. And while all that is true, these definitions don’t help me in any way in my pursuit of finding the real meaning of that quote.

Yes, you can find happiness if you search for it. It will be there if you take a look in the microscope. But the general meanings as given above will only make me guilty of feeling sad. When I’m having a bad day, I like to think about it a bit, be sad, and cry until my tear glands dry out. And trust me, it’s okay to do that. It feels a lot better when you cry it out. Sometimes you just don’t feel like smiling or talking, and it’s completely natural.

But although crying can take loads off your mind, it is never the solution, and you can’t ever be happy if you don’t think positive. As for me, I want to be happy and content even when nothing’s going on the right track. And this, I can do only if I search well enough. *insert quote again* 😉

So that is what I make of that quote- to be sad without feeling guilty, but when I want to be happy, there’s absolutely no reason not to be. Well, there is, but I need to condition my mind to not wander off in that direction. That’s what I, you and everybody should work on. Although I took a long route, I essentially came back to the same meaning. Where exactly are we supposed to search? Here, let me try to help you there.

Happiness can be found…

  • In the things we take for granted:

How many of us actually pause our busy lives to thank for all that we have? Tiny facts like we have a roof over our heads, or we have food to fill our stomachs, or we have a car to go around places, or we’ve got our family and friends or… you get it; I could go on and on. We often forget that there are people living without these things, and that our life would’ve been so much more chaotic in their absence.

Let’s all start a trend. Every day, on your social media, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anything else, post something thanking for all that you have. Don’t worry, you will never run out of these.

  • In coincidences/near miracles:

Do you believe in miracles? Well, I do. Not because they seem like a very fancy, magical thing, but because I’ve actually experienced them. True story:  Just an hour ago, I prayed that it would rain today, and now I have to go close the windows of my room so that the water won’t gush in since it’s raining cats and dogs!

Things like running into your best friend at the dentist (true story) or that one ice cream bar in your freezer waiting for you after a long day is sure to make you forget the bad stuff.

  • In people:

When was the last time you smiled at a stranger, or said hi to your neighbour? That one smile could have lit up their day, you never know. How about buying your best friend or your sister/brother a nice little something? Surprise them with a chocolate, or a keychain, or something that you made, or maybe simply just a plain card saying how much you love them. Seeing them happy will make you smile too, won’t it? It sure would for me! Instead of shutting yourself off from people, go ahead and talk to even those you rarely talk to, it’ll make a huge difference.

Well, these are only a few places to search for happiness. There are countless others that I still need to find. I told you, I’m still trying to figure this out myself. But I hope you get what I’m talking about. Open your eyes wide, and you’ll see a completely different view, a fresh perspective. It all comes with practice. Practice to think positive and to be happy, and everything will fall in its place sooner or later. As long as you believe everything is okay, it definitely is. So put that beautiful face up for everyone to see, and smile.

Have a good day, and tell me all about it down in the comments section!


40 thoughts on “Hit the Lights

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  1. We all have our ups and downs. I’m on the last year of a medication that sometimes flatlines my enthusiasm. 10 more months and I’m done with it! I’ll be 5 years cancer free next July!
    Love the quote and your positive message!
    Thanks for sharing it at the party today!

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  2. I love what you were saying about allowing sadness. I have always believed that as it is important to feel our emotions but like you say we do t want to be over indulgent and get so lost in our emotions that we forget to come out he other side and see happiness again. I particularly like your suggestion of giving to others – it is easy to forget how wonderful this actually is for the giver as well as the receiver. Happiness is def a choice that we all have the power to make on a grumpy day. Depression is a different beast and harder to tackle for sure but it doesn’t hurt to try these things at all.

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    1. Definitely
      I’m so happy right now because you understood my message exactly the way I want everyone to
      My only objective of this post was to make people feel it’s okay to have a bad day and be sad. To someone who doesn’t want to smile, saying “be happy” will only make things worse for them.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment!

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  3. Susie sent me! Happiness is more of an attitude. You can feel your sadness and feel happy to release it. In every situation there are negatives and positives. What you “see” has to do with what you decide to focus on. Maybe your life isn’t falling apart. It’s coming together. Can’t have a better life if we don’t release what wants to leave. Or can’t have a better life if we “see” it as everything is falling apart. Life comes together and falls apart. Every day in every way. There is no setting it up and you are all set. It never happens. Feeling your feelings in a situation informs you about what you do like and don’t like, where you need to acquire new skills or new friends or a new toothbrush.

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    1. That’s such a nice way to put it!
      Yes definitely, being happy, unhappy, angry, annoyed it all depends on perspective and how you differently you view it each time.
      It’s very important for people to accept the fact that life can be colourful and dull. And it’s also important to know that sadness is an emotion that one must experience in order to make happiness ever so wanted.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, and nice meeting you!


      1. Hi. Thanks! It’s complex. I feel we need the emotion to learn what we do and don’t like. It’s not a requirement to be stuck there. On the other hand, we get into unhealthy patterns that we think are truth. Love your comment! It’s nice to meet you as well!

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  4. Susie sent me! I think there are different levels of happiness, including a sad happy. We just have to learn how to acknowledge it and then strive for the level we are most comfortable with.

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  5. I’m so thrilled to see so many comments on this post. I’m equally happy that this topic has been able to generate different views from so many of you. I can now say I’ve been successful in reinforcing this idea in all of your heads, and making you think about it to make your own decisions. Keep it up guys, and thank you so very much! 😊❤


  6. Have to have some sad times to appreciate the happy ones. And yes it’s totally ok to feel unhappy sometimes, life is about experiencing all the emotions. Hopefully more good ones that bad though. The fact that you can acknowledge your feelings and are trying to practice good and positive thinking already puts you light years closer to getting where you want to be. Enjoyed the post, thanks!

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  7. Hi Synnove! Susie sent me!
    It’s good to meet you.
    Thank you for your very frank sharing – I am amazed that you are a Teenager and possess such depth of thought & reflection. There are many people I know who are supposed to have Grown Up, but are so disinterested.

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Yeah, it’s the very fact that I’m a teen makes me think whether I’m speaking above my age, but I just do it anyway. It’s probably exactly why I’m still unable to show it to others (esp adults) that I do have good intentions, and I genuinely try to correct all my countless mistakes, which again, I probably make because of my age.
      But thanks so much for acknowledging it, I appreciate it more than you imagine 😊

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  8. Hi, Synnove. Nice quote. The part that intrigues me is “remember to turn on the light.” It doesn’t talk about searching for happiness. It talks about “remembering” that happiness is right where I am, but I’ve just “forgotten” to let it shine. That said, there are a lot of emotions to experience between happy and sad. I say explore them all! Great post.

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  9. Life is full of ADVENTURES, which means up and downs, twists and turns, etc. I take the quote as a reminder to turn on the light within myself – to do a self check, to take the time for myself, to share my sparkle and shine with myself as well as other, etc. We need clarity and calm. We need to make the time to do for our whole well being. We need to ask those “why” questions to really get to the heart, mind, whole being of what we NEED. (((((lovesandhugs))))

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    1. Yes of course, life is a roller coaster ride. And we can choose whether we want to enjoy it, or be scared of it. But this ride gives us the opportunity to take our time to see the bright side, we should use this time wisely!
      Thanks for commenting, and nice to meet you!


  10. This a must read for sure. Also, I have to say I am a true Harry Potter fan. I’ve enjoyed the full series of books and movies. Most importantly, you reached me on such a spiritual level. Often, we are very ungrateful and do not appreciate the simple things in life we have. Honestly, you hit it on the money, we need to spend more time appreciating all we have. Since, there are many individuals without many of the things we tend to take for granted. I also, loved the part you spoke on actively sending postive vibes and gestures to others. Rather it is strangers, family, neighbors. Personally, I try to always be as kind as I can to others. I know that when others do small things for me it makes my entire day. Its nice to start a trend like you said to talk about what we are most grateful for. All in all, I absoutely loved reading this. ❤

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    1. Thanks a lot!
      I’m so happy I was able to remind you of these tiny little things we all tend to overlook sometimes. Keep giving, and suddenly the whole world will be yours.
      Thanks again for taking the time to read, like and comment!
      Much love 💙

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