About Me

Hey guys! I am Synnove Polaris. The meaning of ‘Synnove’ is ‘Gift of the Sun’ and ‘Polaris’ is the name of a constellation. This is why I am in love with my name!

This is my space to escape – welcome! To be honest, I really didn’t think I would be starting one of these, but I am excited to travel this journey nevertheless. My true passions lie in music and dance, two forms of extreme beauty I  have been learning for the past 10 years or so. My interests also lie in astrophysics and I love learning new things about the universe!

As I step into the teenage years and go through new experiences life has to offer, I find myself learning new things along the way. These experiences may be good or bad, happy or sad, but each one is designed in a way to make me stronger and happier, and I feel that is what life is about. I will be blogging about my experiences, lessons that I have learnt, my thoughts on how to live a purposeful life and other cool things. So, come join me on this roller coaster ride!

Love, Synne ❤

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